Don't Panic

A selection of improvised synth music for a podcast segment.


Meeting Download

Perhaps the most authentically Hitchhiker's sounding piece, Meeting is positive, with a vibe not unlike the CompuTeach music.


Value Download

This swirling, largely amelodic piece has a glitchy aesthetic, produced by fiddling with the pitch and modulation controls. It's a little richer in sound than the original Radiophonic Workshop pieces.


Panic Download

Panic's synth baseline is perhaps closer to the original Radiophonic work, but has more recognisable chord progressions, effectively a twelve-bar blues. It's quite shambolic.

Isolation II

Isolation II Download

This piece relies heavily on the processing done by Logic's synthesiser, but while it might sound largely chaotic, it tells a very simple story, with notes drifting from chaos -- indicating isolation -- to order -- indicating company -- and then back to chaos.

Isolation (bonus)

Isolation (bonus) Download

This piece was never used on the podcast, as it turned out far too dark, even for the topic of isolation. Like Panic, it follows a predictable chord pattern, but integrates random noise at various intervals.