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2nd January, 2020 | Code library

A text adventure game engine, written in JavaScript

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If I Was

13th December, 2019 | Music release

A slow, acoustic cover of the 80s hit by Midge Ure, released under the name Barnard Star.

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Must be Corbyn

12th December, 2019 | Music release

A novelty Christmas record with a serious purpose

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Clean Teeth

2nd November, 2019 | Video

A darkly comic animation by Tom Clabon, in which Mark plays a depressed tube of toothpaste

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List Envy

13th August, 2019 | Podcast

A collaborative list-building podcast.

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15 Minutes to Save the World

26th March, 2019 | Podcast

A one-mic podcast in which Mark researches a topic for 45 minutes, then delivers a 15 minute, semi-improvised lecture

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Geoff the Clumsy Ninja

25th December, 2018 | Book

A children's book written for Mark's youngest Nephew

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Sally, Clyde and Ermentrude

25th December, 2018 | Book

A children's book written for Mark's eldest Nephew

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5th March, 2018 | Podcast

A podcast on the culture of podcasting, hosted by Mark and Brendan Hutchins.

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Pricks and Pragmatism

2nd January, 2018 | Audiobook

Audiobook version of the first in JL Merrow's Southampton Stories series

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