Podcast reviews

I’m currently writing my reviews, and will start publishing them regularly soon.

About my reviews

My reviews are based on my 15+ years of experience producing and consulting on podcasts, running the podcast hosting company Podiant (est 2016), and my media degree specialising in Internet radio.

I review with an eye towards creativity, originality, community and joy. I won’t feature anything I can’t find something positive or constructive to say about.

To avoid conflicts of interest, I don’t review podcasts hosted on Podiant or made by people I konw well, and I don’t review anything that conflicts with my personal ethics.

I’m accepting pitches

If you’ve got a podcast you’d like me to write a public review of, and it fits with what I’ve listed in the “About my reviews” section, email reviews@marksteadman.com with a bit of info about your podcast, including an Apple Podcasts link.