What is Meegloo anyway?

calendar 22 Feb 2012

I realise that there are still plenty of people to whom I've mentioned Meegloo (on Twitter or Facebook and in the so-called real world) that don't know what it is. That's hardly a crime; I don't know if I've ever really summed it up properly. So here goes. In one sentence:

If you 're at an event, and you want to tell people what's going on with words and pictures, Meegloo is a free app that'll help you do that.


In detail, rather than just sharing text into one big bucket like you do with Twitter, you can share photos, audio and video to a stream that's dedicated to a particular event. That event could be a meetup, conference, footie match, or even some major breaking news. Streams are geotagged, so you can find people who are talking about the same thing as you, and jump on their stream instead of creating your own.

You can of course post to Twitter, and at some stage I'll be working on Flickr and Facebook integration.


In summary then, Meegloo mixes the best in liveblogging with the social awesomeness of Twitter, YouTube, AudioBoo and Flickr, in one app. It's available for iOS, Android (despite what the below video says) and at meegloo.com.

Update from future Mark (11/08/2018)

The biveo referenced above (a walkthrough of the app) no longer exists, but you can see me talking about it at the Birmingham Social Media Café: