The results are in

calendar 31 Aug 2010

A little over 2 weeks ago, I took part in Django Dash, a 48-hour contest for Django developers. I built Transphorm, a site to help people make and track changes in their life. The results are in, and… drumroll please…

I didn't win 😉

I did however, come joint 6th with the Three Blind Mice, and was the highest placing solo developer (and the only one-man-team on the winners' roster). Comments from the judging panel included:

"Impressive work for a weekend and especially for one person. Great job!"

I got high scores for polish, code quality and design, giving me a combined score of 7.67 from the three judges.

Big thanks to Adam, Jeff and Travis who looked over the code and got it running, and everyone who kept me company on the #djangodash IRC channel, and on Twitter.

It was my first forray into using the Git versioning system, and distributing Python code with requirements files for ease-of-deployment. There were a few bugs and kinks, in UI and backend which I fixed after the deadline but which weren't counted in the judging. I've now moved the site onto SVN so I can manage it more easily, but you can still take a look at the GitHub repository to sneak a peek at my code.

It was an exausting couple of days, and only the start for what I hope will be a worthwhile project. A few new signups have trickled through, and if you fancy checking it out yourself, please do so; I'd love your feedback.

Take a look at the other runners and riders, many of whom have come up with some really innovative and useful products. Well done!