Steven Page at the Hare & Hounds

calendar 30 Oct 2017

Sort of a day of minor letdowns, ending nicely but with me feeling a bit unfulfilled.

I’d hoped to meet Steven Page at the Brum Radio studio as part of Paul Hadsley’s show. It had been in the works for a couple of weeks, but in the morning I got an email saying he wouldn’t be turning up. I wasn’t massively surprised and put it down to him not wanting to bother with an internet radio station in a cupboard. I later found out that we weren’t even going to be live.

Later in the day I then got an email from the ticketers saying that he wouldn’t be doing the meet and greet Dad and I had paid for, so after phoning Dad to check, we decided to go to the gig regardless.

It was a lovely set but he wasn’t on top form. But that was fine as he addressed it and showed he had respect for his audience. I think I also realised that there will always be people to whom he means more, and regardless of how much he means to me, I don’t win that game.

I left the gig feeling a bit deflated. I think I’m more disappointed than I thought I would be, to not have seen him beforehand. He was charming and charismatic on stage and I’d have loved to have some of that banter directed right at me.

Fuck it. It’s not like anyone died. Just not the story I’d hoped to get from today.