NBT007: Nymbol

calendar 14 Jun 2012

If you were at last month's Tech Wednesday you'll have seen this already, but if not: this is what all my "Next Big Thing" posts have been leading up to.

Nymbol is a content management system for the physical world. As our signup page says:

Nymbol connects digital content like text, photos, videos and apps with physical objects. Add content and context to anything from museum pieces to used cars to new homes.

Me and my business partner Andy Hartwell of Substrakt, have been working to design and build a platform that adds mobile content to real-world objects, using NFC, Bluetooth and the technology we love to hate, QR codes. Just scan a code next to museum artefact, a blue plaque or a car in a showroom, to get relevant information, links and tools. Developers will be able to get in on the action too, by creating custom widgets for the platform.

The whole thing will work via a free app for the iPhone and Android, but also as a mobile-tailored website. Creating the content is quick and easy, and pricing is really flexible. And if the acronyms sound scary, no problem; we'll be managing the whole process so you can start adopting emerging contactless technologies straight away.

The prototype process is gearing up and we're seeking funding right now. You can help by signing up for our newsletter , passing it along to your friends and following @nymbol.

If you want to improve mobile engagement around your organisation, you can email mark@nymbol.co.uk for all the details.