NBT006: Partnerships

calendar 6 Apr 2012

In late February I mentioned I was looking for a CEO. I knew that my Next Big Thing couldn't be attempted on my own, and would need a business brain who could present well and whom I could trust.

I'm delighted to say that I've found that person, and a new company's being formed around this partnership. Already after only two meetings I feel empowered and excited. This is someone I've worked a lot with before, someone I trust, and - possibly most importantly for me - someone I get along with really well.

I've largely done away with the notion of CEO, CTO and CFO, just 'cos it's a little highfalutin for the humble beginnings this project will have. Titles mean little to me; they're just something to put on a business card, and when there are only two key people in a business, there's bound to be a little overlap as you both have to be public facing to a degree.

But now the new business has someone with - or with access to - pretty much all the skills I don't, so I feel things can really motor along. There's so much more I want to say, but am wary of - if you'll forgive the teenage idiom for a second - blowing my load too early, so I'll keep as quiet as I can.

So what's next in this series? A final reveal, or just more vague nonsense about stuff, and links to old blog posts? That, probably.