NBT003: Business plan

calendar 4 Feb 2012

This week saw me embark on a whole new journey, one which has reigned my passion for what I do. In the past, profit and loss forecasts have always been a surefire way to snuff out the delicate flame of hope that I could build something exciting and unconventional.

My Next Big Thing is exciting but wholly conventional, in that it has a set and - I hope - sensible business model, targeting markets whose size can be estimated. Rather than serving to quash a sense of devil-may-care, and a "Build it and They Will Come" attitude, the forecasts I've been staring at the for the last couple of days are actually looking healthy.

Rather than being ambitious or lofty, I'd like to think my targets are aggressive , and with the help of a sales manager by my side, taking calls, making appointments and exhibiting with me at trade shows, I don't think they're excessively unreachable.

My incubator is putting on a business plan session at the end of the month, so I'll be looking forward to having my plan and its attendant digits torn apart, rebuilt, ripped up and rewritten again.

Who'd've thought business could be so much fun?