NBT002: Prototype

calendar 26 Jan 2012

I was at an event on Tuesday which got me thinking that it was perhaps not too early to build a very rudimentary prototype for my Next Big Thing. So I spent an hour or so trying to find a half-decent name, just so I could start a new Django project (it's easier to start with a name and setup your code and database, than just to call it "newproject" and have to rename everything later).

Once I'd typed that lovely line that beings "django startproject", I knew I was in a for a few hours' work. Come the end of the night - bar a couple of hours to pay the bills and feed my face - I had something I could bring along to show some helpful minds at a meetup today.

Now a week later, I've revisited the system, applied Bootstrap to the frontend and set about creating the customer-facing part of the web app.

Exciting times are afoot, Watson. That's definitely not a tea quote, from anything.