Moxy’s hatching an egg

calendar 26 Jul 2011

A note from future Mark (11/08/2018)

Moxy is the name I went by, from late 2009 til early 2012.

A few days ago I eluded to some big news, for me anyway. and I'm finally in a position to share it, so here I go, sharing it all over your face.

Next month I'll be joining e4f (Entrepeneurs for the Future), as part of their startup incubation programme. They're a tech startup incubator, with a big focus on gaming aswell as web projects. I'll be hotdesking in their lovely offices at the Science Park in Aston, and getting support to bring Meegloo (my social dashboard system for event organisers) and future projects to market.

Part of my journey will involve saying things like "market" without grimmacing. This is the Real World (apparently), and I need to start thinking a little bit more grown-up in terms of my own projects, which have almost always been hobbies. I'm super-excited about the future, but it's a scary place, but with the help and monitoring that e4f provides, I'm hoping to avoid at least the most common pitfalls and kick open a few doors for myself. (This is about making my own opportunities after all, not waiting for others to make them for me.)

As far as my day job goes, I'll be working full-time on the projects we're currently delivering and have agreed to deliver at Substrakt, so there will be zero change for clients, as although the incubation period starts in August, that's just to get me up and running, and I won't be leaving Substrakt for many moons.

I had a Big Plan at the start of the year, and this most definitely did not fit into that plan. So I have to make a new plan. Hang on a minute…

OK, I'm back now. My new plan consists of the following points:

  1. Win.

So here goes. Wish me luck!