Loco in Orlando

calendar 22 Apr 2010

Last year, I took up an offer to fly to Florida for a couple of weeks. It's now nearly a week since our flight was cancelled, and I'm going just a little stir crazy.

Had it not been for the WiFi which we're illegally siphoning from a neighbour, and a 500mb Verizon 3G dongle, I would have gone completely batshit. Luckily a combination of the American version of The Office - which is actually really funny as a show in its own right - and Stieg Larsson's Millenium trilogy are helping keep the voices at bay.

Although tremendously lucky to be in a villa and have access to our rental car - albeit not for free - the Icelandic Volcano of Death has put pay to a few of the plans I had for the coming months. Not least, Deadlink, the zombie-based podcast I record with Lyndsey and Phil, which is now currently on hold dispite us having two shows recorded and yet to air, and another five scheduled to record.

While my days are spent trying to get scraps of real work done, I've no time to dedicate to getting the next Hackitude up and jumping. The new site, which was due to be launched shortly after I got back from Florida is now lagging behind, and there's a whole bunch of other things to arrange.

So if you give a crap about any of the bits 'n bobs I'm sorting, just stick with it. Who knows, I may make a stupid song out of it too.

But for now I guess I'd better just soak up the sun and enjoy the parks! Florida's a great place, and if you're someone that likes to hear a cheery word from a shopkeeper or an idle chat with a stranger, you'll enjoy it all the more.