I’ve entered Django Dash

calendar 5 Aug 2010

At midnight on Saturday 14th of August, I'll embark on a 48 hour solo hackathon to produce an app for this year's Django Dash competition. I'm really excited.

I'd heard about it in one or two places, and thought it was something I'd needed to physically attend, so had never bothered, but a quick look at the website told me I was wrong. I immediately signed up - after getting my head around the Git versioning system - and my solo team will be producing an app to help people make a single pledge to change something in their lives, whether that be to stop smoking, lose weight, establish a better work/life balance, or anything.

I don't want to say much more as I have no idea how much I'll accomplish in 48 hours, but if Hackitude '09 is anything to go by, I'll hopefully have something useful to show. And the idea was dreamed up in about 5 minutes.

The rules state that I can't start any development work until 6pm on Friday (midnight CDT), so bar the first commit to my new Git repository (an empty README file), there's nothing to see or speak of just yet.

The site will be called transphorm.me (DNS updates still pending), and you can keep track of the project - assuming I have time to update it - on the project page on this site, or browse the code in the Git repository.

Wish me luck!