I’m looking for a CEO

calendar 22 Feb 2012

As things progress with Meegloo and my Next Big Thing, I think it's time I started thinking about bringing a CEO on board. I'm probably an OK Chief Technical Officer - I definitely have the ideas, as my last 2-day project can attest - but while I can do a fair bit of creative stuff, I can't do everything. I can't market, I can't present (very well), and I've no real-world business experience. I'd like to think that most of these issues are down to something other than just being a geek, but who knows?

It's lovely to think that you can make a massive success on your own, but it doesn't really happen. The web teaches us that anyone can be a rockstar or a ninja, but I think you very rarely - if ever - get there powered entirely by your own steam.

So I reckon it's time to partner up, and either form a new company, or open up the doors to Flaming Tarball HQ (ir: my brain). If you can suggest anyone I might want to speak to, or anywhere I should go, please do. FT's going to be a thriving and exciting company with a solid new product behind it, and I'm up for minimising risk as much as I can. I'd prefer to work with someone I already know and trust, but that's very, very unlikely, so I'm keeping my options open.

And of course, whoever does come on board will get to know what my Next Big Thing actually is!