I used to be on the radio

calendar 20 Mar 2012

A long time ago I used to present a weekly show on the now defunct Rhubarb Radio, with my chum - and the goodest of eggs - Michael Grimes. It was a show called the Sunday Social, and I had a blast doing it.

A few weeks after I left the station for good, Jon and Jules of The Big Paws asked if I'd fill in for them on their Saturday show, while they took a well-earned break. So I did, and invited some friends along. Michael couldn't make it, but I was joined instead by Nat Higginbottom, Lindsey Michaels, Danny Smith, Gavin Wray and Karen Strunks.

It's the only surviving piece of evidence from my time on the station, but is by no means my best work. The desk had changed and I'd been out of practice, and the show sort of got away from me a bit. But here it is, anyway. From October 2009, Mark Steadman on The Big Paws (courtesy of Mixcloud).