From S3 to Spaces

calendar 7 Jan 2018

A productive weekend in which everything didn’t fall apart, which was good.

I spent a good deal of Saturday getting things ready to move all the Podiant static and media files from Amazon S3 to DigitalOcean Spaces, as they use the same SDK. For the most part this went OK, once I got the hang of the configuration differences. And - touch wood, as they say - so far everything’s been fine. Uploads work, downloads work, and I found a way round DigitalOcean’s lack of domain aliases for buckets.

Because I didn’t want to have to change people’s RSS addresses - and this is more tricky now that feed files are static and I can’t, currently redirect them easily - and I had a special bucket for RSS feeds, I needed a way to refer to the feed addresses simply by In order to do this, I setup a new account at KeyCDN, which gave me an alias.

I think this is also good as RSS is the thing that needs to be the most available, so having a CDN that isn’t too expensive is good.

So I found a tool to migrate all the stuff from the newer S3 buckets in the new Amazon account over to DigitalOcean, and will run that again just before I’m ready to push the button and migrate everything. The great thing about having these tracking URLs is that I don’t have to worry about old URLs changing, as the tracking script just redirects to the new URL, now hosted on DigitalOcean.

With everything crossed, I’m hoping this will not be a nightmare.